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Hello from El Loco Coyote Farms, a Portland, Oregon based urban farm, founded in early 2015! I was once only a backyard hobbyist, but my green thumbs now tend to multiple plots yielding local produce, with a special focus on my year-round microgreens production. I worked in the construction finance world for over 25 years, where I would see prime farmland being sold off to be turned into subdivisions all over the country. I saw the need and demand after going to the local stores to buy produce.  All the produce I saw was imported from other countries and other states and the quality was sub-par.


I never used to think one person’s action could change the world, until I read a quote from the Dalai Lama: “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”  We all have to have this approach in life to change the world for the better.

wHY & hOW

My main goal at El Loco Coyote Farms is to provide the best affordable microgreens to everyone to enjoy no matter if you’re rich or poor.


How I grow my microgreens:


I use both soil and hydroponics to grow my microgreens. I grow individual varieties of microgreens and herbs, such as arugula and amaranth, as well as premium and living basil and several standard mixes that include our mixed microgreens, baby and petite lettuce, and petite power salad (a mix of greens such as kohlrabi, amaranth, arugula, and basil that are harvested at the petite size).  


My produce is grown on tables and watered from underneath. I don't use any animal-based products so as to remove as much risk of contamination as possible.  I harvest and ship all of my greens the same day, so that the product arrives to our customers within 24 hours of when it was picked.


Supplying top restaurants and consumers alike, El Loco Coyote Farms is working to become Organic certified.  I will not use any synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. I grow 95% of my Greens in my  Aquaponics system. I use certified Organics Soil I use Roots Organic 707 for all my  soil needs

My current production includes microgreens, microherbs, leafy greens  I specialize in petite Saled Greens and Kale, Peppers and Tomatoes. I will expaning our offerings  to Tilapia, Freash and Canned Red and Green  Salsa, Spice Rubs and spices  and Sauces and Tamales  and Adult Greens in the  near future.


Keep it Organic,


Ron Maes, Owner, El Loco Coyote Farms

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