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The Micro Greens


Microgeens have recently become more popular due to a commonly held belief that they possess an especially high nutritional content. The first

ever nutritional study of microgreens was done in the summer of 2012 by the Department of Nutrition and Food Science, University of Maryland , indicating promising potential that microgreens may indeed have particularly high nutritional value compared to mature vegetables.


Pak Choi
Radish Rambo

Dark purple microgreens with a mildly spicy taste but not too harsh.

Beet Olympia Red

It has mild beet flavor.


Mild flavor, mild crunch, big time nutrition, broccoli micro-greens are super tasty with an impressive nutritional profile

Chard Red

Micro chard, with its unobtrusive flavor, adds a colorful flair to any dish. It has a mild delicate spinach flavor with a flavor that is bitter, pungent, and slightly salty

Sango Radish    

   Sango Radish Seeds. Substantial and crunchy and taste exactly like radish produce a hot peppery flavor.

Chard, Bright Lights     

Mild beet flavor. Light green, gold, pink, orange, purple, red, and white stems.

Red Mustard

 Spicy flavor. Green leaves with red veins.


Mild, nutty flavor

Red Cabbage
Cutting Celery

 A very light green micro that tastes just like celery, but with a more intense flavor.

Red Rus. Kale     

The mild flavor makes it easy to put into virtually anything you hope to enjoy.
Micro kale is sweet and mild


Mild flavor. Purple stems and dark green leaves with a purple tint.


Mild flavor. Fancy, toothed leaves.

Chives Garlic

The herb tastes a bit more like garlic than chives or onions.

Pea shoots

 Pea shoots are the young leaves of the pea plant. They taste like peas.

Mesclume Mix

  Great  Salad mix, Very Sweet and Tasty.


 The micro green version of carrots tastes pretty much like the full grown version, a tad earthy and quite sweet.

Mustard Garnet Giant

Mildly spicy flavor. Darkest purple mustard


Mild flavor. Spoon-shaped leaves. A pleasant and sweet aroma flavor tlike a mild mustard flavor, similar to bok choi.

Orach, Ruby Red

Red orach spinach has pointed, violet-red leaves that make this variety visually distinct. Red orach spinach tastes mildy salty and tangy

Daikon Radish

Crisp, spicy flavor. Green leaves and white stems.

Spicy flavor. Attractive pink stems and green leaves.

Radish, Hong Vit
Mustard, Ruby Streaks

Spicy flavor. Intricately lobed, red and dark green leaves and light green stems.


 The flavor is a strong combination of sweet and spicy

Amaranth Garnet Red

Has bright fuchsia-red leaves and a flavor that is reminiscent to a beet


 The nutty peppery flavor of arugula packed into a smaller package. Micro Arugula adds elegance to any dish.

Red Arrow Radish

Pleasantly peppery radish microgreens, which boast a flavor similar to that of root radishes.

Bull’s Blood Beet

 It has mild beet flavor. Beet types such as Bull’s Blood micro green is primarily grown for its intense red color on even very young seedlings

Trinto Radish
Oak Leaf Lettuce

 Sweet and very tasty in my Micro Green Salad Mix.

Basil to Order
Red Romaine

Sweet and very Tasty in my Micro Green Salad mix


 Micro Green Baby spinach is out of this world in flavor 

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